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Take the first step to protecting lives and property

Fire alarms are usually set in fire alarm systems to provide zonal coverage for residences and commercial buildings

Fire Alarm System

Is your home protected from Fire? Your fire prevention system is a part of your building’s life support, keeping your employees and business safe from potential disaster. Here at SafeHouse Whether you require a system for a new building, Apartment or a comprehensive refurbishment for an existing property, our fire protection services offer a comprehensive safety solution. The typical components in a fire alarm system that provide protection and life-saving benefits

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Heat detector

Heat detector can either work on a fixed temperature basis, where it will trigger an alarm if the temperature exceeds a pre-set value or they can work on the rate of change in temperature.


Manual Call Points

A Manual Call Point or Break Glass Call Point is a device which enables personnel to raise the alarm by breaking the frangible element on the manual call point and this then triggers the alarm.


Easy & Affordable

Once installed, fire and smoke detectors are easy to use. They automatically sense hazardous conditions without you doing anything.


24/7 Monitoring

Fire alarms provide constant protection, whether you’re at home, asleep for the night, or away. Also, many systems include 24/7 monitoring services for constant protection no matter where you are.


Smoke Detector

Smoke alarms provide life-saving warnings to allow you to get out of the house before you are trapped by fire or smoke


Sounder with strobes 

Sounder with strobes are audio and visual notification device used to alert trained personnel to investigate possible emergency situations and to take immediate actions


Low Maintenance

Despite their importance, fire alarms require little maintenance, except for occasionally changing batteries or having them professionally inspected.


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Fire Alarm System in Retail Sector

Our security solutions bring the latest technology and a wealth of innovative features to any number of security applications. From network cameras, with face detection and 360-degree coverage, to high-performing Full HD network video recorders, encoders and decoders and fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm System in Hotels

To protect visitors, staff, premises and assets, we have a range of fire solutions for the the IT Park sector. Programmable functions, intelligent algorithms and the ability to monitor multiple zones mean early, safe and reliable fire detection and prevention.

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