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The Keyless Solution To

Your Premises

They are typically used in public buildings such as hospitals, offices and schools, which can have a number of digital locks located throughout the building to secure different areas, or for domestic properties.

Digital Door Lock

When it comes to home security, you do not want to leave any stone unturned. In an age where everything has become digitized and interconnected, there is a need for a rock solid digital door lock system for your home. Big old padlocks with rusty keys are a thing of the past and newer keyless digital door locks have plenty of advantages over the traditional methods.



Card Access

Users are identified using an RFID card


Pin access

Users can get access through numeric pin code


Bluetooth access

Users open the door using the Bluetooth connection on their mobile phone.


Biometric access

Users activate these locks with their fingerprint


Mechanical Key

Locks use conventional keys on the outside, but there is a mechanical lock on the inside. 


VDP Access

User can access the door through video door phone


DIgital lock in hotel.png

Digital Lock in Hotels

Access control systems designed for hotels and resorts are electronic, wire free and key-less systems that provide a secure solution to manage all entry points throughout a property, not only for individual guest rooms but also for offices, external gates, business centers, fitness rooms, parking areas, etc. To maximize security, entry through every door can be controlled from one system.

Digital Lock in Residency

Digital door locks provide a low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where the allocation of keys or cards is unpractical due to the volume of people entering and exiting the building. They also provide a keyless way to enter business premises, homes & schools without the need for always having to carry a set of keys

DIgital lock in residential.png
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