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IT Park Solutions

At Safe House Security, we offer end-to-end integrated IT Park security solutions customized to your specifications, enhancing security operations throughout the premises

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Access Control System

Access control systems, in the form of keyless entry, biometrics, face recognition and card access systems, are an easy way to manage building security. Once your access control system is set up, you no longer have to worry about who needs what key to get into which building, labs, or offices. An access control system provides proper access to each employee in your facility, enabling them to easily enter the right buildings and offices, without concern of a security breach. This system also doubles up as an attendance recorder.

Fire Alarm System

To protect visitors, staff, premises and assets, we have a range of fire solutions for the the IT Park sector. Programmable functions, intelligent algorithms and the ability to monitor multiple zones mean early, safe and reliable fire detection and prevention. This system comprises of three units - 

Smoke Detector, is a device that senses smoke.

Sounder, used for notification as a fire alarm.

Fire Panel, a safety appliance that commercial buildings typically require in order to set into motion a number of tasks that could save lives and minimize property damage.

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Boom Barrier System

Boom barrier is used as an access control tool for offering security for vehicle movement in the premises. Boom barriers are usually placed both at entry and exit points of premises, the barrier lifts only once access is granted to the vehicle upon security clearance. Barriers function both automatically and manually, most premises prefer installation of automatic barriers as they prevent wastage of manual effort and time.

We provide high performance and best in class barriers for achievement of absolute security. We also provide wide range of accessories and size of the barriers to ensure customized solution according to your requirements.

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