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Hotel Solutions

Safe House specializes in assessing the security needs of your hotel to develop sophisticated security strategies that fit your facility’s unique needs through an integrated solution that includes a hotel door access control system, hotel security camera system, hotel alarm systems, and managed services that include remote video surveillance monitoring

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Hotel Lock

Access control systems designed for hotels and resorts are electronic, wire free and key-less systems that provide a secure solution to manage all entry points throughout a property, not only for individual guest rooms but also for offices, external gates, business centers, fitness rooms, parking areas, etc. To maximize security, entry through every door can be controlled from one system.

Fire Alarm System

To protect visitors, staff, premises and assets, we have a range of fire solutions for the the IT Park sector. Programmable functions, intelligent algorithms and the ability to monitor multiple zones mean early, safe and reliable fire detection and prevention.

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Public Address & Voice Alarm System

Public Address and Voice Alarm systems allow safe and controlled building evacuation to be managed in the case of an emergency. Clear voice messages can be initiated from the system to aid building evacuation. The systems can also be used to provide background music and paging system solutions.

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