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Residential Security Solution

Safe House residential security systems realize convenience and peace of mind through sensing, connectivity, and user interface technologies through building automation, security systems


3-tier Security System

With our Building Management Solutions, we bring for home owners an assurance of Security right into their premises. Our Security Solution Is a high tech wired system with a console at your building's entrance. Thus offering easy and instant interaction with every visitor. Now residents of the society can relax as we have built a 3-tier Security System with concern of their safety and convenience.


The system offers 3-level security at main guard station, tower lobby entrance and flat entrance.

Lift Access Control

Complete your building security solution by incorporating the Lift Access Control solution. Our solution works seamlessly with several of the leading residential elevator brands, enabling property managers and tenants alike to secure and manage apartment access control to specific floors.

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Digital Lock

'Digital door locks provide a low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where the allocation of keys or cards is unpractical due to the volume of people entering and exiting the building. They also provide a keyless way to enter business premises, homes & schools without the need for always having to carry a set of keys

Fibre to Home

Fibre-to-home offers superior internet experience to explore your Digital Life. Fibre-to-home is the technology of the future. It offers the ultimate broadband experience to surf, stream, game and work.

It beats the rest because of its ultra-fast upload and download speeds & effective functioning in merely ‘milli seconds’. Now, imagine a high speed private internet highway right inside your home. Fibre-to-home connectivity comes directly to your premise unlike in most cases where the fiber reaches only till the building.

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