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Co-Living Energy Management System

Developing technology platforms and digital solutions to enable unique and meaningful shared living experiences.

Co-living energy management system

It is the new mantra within the ambit of alternative asset classes in the form of housing which combines private living spaces with shared communal facilities". The ecosystem has enabled a different way of living with new businesses requiring to cater to its ever growing demands. It's important that as an IoT company we build solutions that can solve problems specifically for this domain. We therefore help the Co-living sector to move their properties from Manned to Unmanned, thereby significantly reducing operational costs of managing properties across geographies and more importantly allow Co-living players to focus on what they do best: Acquire and upgrade more properties and provide a better tenant experience!




No changes in circuit

Completely retrofit. Wi-Fi enabled. Single and three phase circuits supported.


Pre-paid and Post-paid

Depending on your requirement, enable pre-paid meters. Faster revenue realization models. Flexible payment options.


Gamify Energy conservation

Share average energy consumption with your members. Have the ability to reward members. Enable differential pricing. Separate billing for rooms and common areas.


Pilferage alert

Get alerted on accounted usage. Detect loss of energy. Save money.


Fair transparent pricing

Enable transparent pricing for your members. Share daily, weekly, monthly energy consumption of their usage on mobile app.


Preventive maintenance

Know when your electronic white goods are underperforming. Schedule maintenance for lower energy costs.


Smart Thermostat

Set rules for all the properties to maintain optimum temperature while getting best energy efficiency.


Central Dashboard

Manage all your properties from a single dashboard

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