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Building Management Solution

Safe house offers total solution for building management

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Building management system is expected to perforn Energy savings, Monitoring of utilities, control of certain equipments to achieve better performance and efficiency, establish an interconnection among various Sub-systems, providing central platform and automate the services, Reporting ans analysis. Building management system monitors Chiller plants and HVAC, Electrical, Fire fighting, Pumps.

BMS Advantages

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Access to the Full Picture

An automated building management system with intelligent data analytics helps you focus on the big picture, providing straightforward, actionable results instead of exhausting lists of alarms and metadata.


Streamlined Internal Systems

An interconnected network of building management and analytics tools allows for continuous collection and analysis of data from a wide variety of linked devices and sensors.

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Efficiency Opportunities

Smart data analytics offer meaningful energy and utility efficiency strategies for day-to-day building operations.


Simplified Custom Reports

Reporting can be tailored to client preferences and play an essential role in enhancing building operations.


Improved Uptime

Ongoing oversight of asset and equipment performance is essential to maintaining system uptime, providing value to not only building owners, but to integration, maintenance, and service teams.


Optimized Maintenance Teams

Creating maintenance schedules based on each building’s unique needs ensures maintenance teams are appropriately staffed and focused on the real issues.

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