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Easy Controlling of Public

and Private Vehicle

Get seamless and easy parking management systems with articulated boom barrier systems

Boom Barrier

There are plenty of benefits of opting for a barrier and gate security. In addition to providing an extra layer of security, it aids in helping with crowd control while preventing thieves and burglars from entering your business or domestic property. Boom barrier play a pivotal role in ensuring security where there is a high level of risk involved in the form of unauthorized entry because of a large flow of visitors.

Tripod Turnstiles

Installing Tripod turnstile becomes quite comfortable and hassle-free for industrial areas, Exhibitions, supermarkets, metro, and public transports. By Tripod turnstile installation at the crowded place, traffic of the people can be managed quite easily in a systematic manner automatically

Features of Boom Barrier

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Restrict Entry

Boom barriers are reliable, improve security and control the flow of traffic, provide instant privacy from entering of unauthorized persons.

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High Quality & Low Maintenance

Boom Barriers are very durable and made to last. They’re also built to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, and are low maintenance and efficient in utilizing space.

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Easy exit in case of power failure

If there is a power failure at your property, a boom gate can be manually operated and switched to open

Features of Tripod Turnstiles


Revolving arms

A tripod turnstile works with high access control gate with three revolving arms with a rotating tripod barrier arms.


Access Type

These turnstiles can configure to allow access in a single direction or bi-directionally depending on the project needs.


Anti-pinch function

Tripod turnstile provided with an Anti-pinch function which protects a person against injury caused by the rotation of tripod arms


Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier System in Buildings

Boom barrier is used as an access control tool for offering security for vehicle movement in the premises. Boom barriers are usually placed both at entry and exit points of premises, the barrier lifts only once access is granted to the vehicle upon security clearance. Barriers function both automatically and manually, most premises prefer installation of automatic barriers as they prevent wastage of manual effort and time.

We provide high performance and best in class barriers for achievement of absolute security. We also provide wide range of accessories and size of the barriers to ensure customized solution according to your requirements.

Sliding Gate Automation

Each and every house needs to have a safety boundary around itself. But you need not limit yourself to selecting gates from limited variety of manual swing gates. With changing times a wide variety of gates have been developed to fulfill the needs of people depending on the criteria and the place they need the gates to be installed.

Currently, the most opted type of gates is Automatic Sliding Gates. These gates do not require any kind of manual operation and need no energy for being opened or closed. The electric sliding gate kits are installed to open and close the arrangement of sliding gates automatically. Moreover, a brace or a gear is installed at opposite sides of the doors to make the moving of the gates easier and automated.

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